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Bracelet Libra Zodiac Sign | ALCS207/1


La Maison Les Néréides continues its mystical exploration, completing the zodiac sign jewellery offer with brand new refined Constellation Bracelet Zodiac Sign. Drawing from the styles of the necklace Zodiac sign, these bracelets bear the symbol of your zodiac sign crowned with a sparkling star on one side, and on the other, the element associated with it: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. For those who haven’t been able to resist the charm of the Pendant Necklace Libra Zodiac Sign, why not complement the set by wearing the ascendant around the wrist? Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, with the Constellation collection you are sure to please! To help you know your sign or discover the ones of your friend, you will find here below all the Zodiac sign details:

Aries: March, 21rst – April, 19th
Taurus: April, 20th – May, 21rst
Gemini: May, 21rst – June, 21rst
Cancer: June, 22nd – July, 22nd
Leo: July, 23rd – August, 22nd
Virgo: August, 23rd – September, 22nd
Libra: Septembre, 23rd – Octobre, 22nd
Scorpio: Octobre, 23rd – Novembre, 22nd
Sagittarius: Novembre, 23rd – Décembre, 21rst
Capricorn: December, 22nd – January, 19th
Aquarius: January, 20th – February, 19th
Pisces: February, 20th – March, 20th


15,5cm Length

1cm Width

3,5cm Extension

2,74g Weight

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