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Les Nereides offers high quality fragrances in 1.5ml tester bottles for you to test and explore your favourite scent before buying the full-size bottle.


Oriental Lumpur is a sophisticated fragrance with light sensual accents of amber and wood inspired by the Far East. The touch of saffron and cinnamon combined subtly warms this unique scent filing it with elegance and seduction

Top: Saffron, black pepper, patchouli

Middle: Sandalwood, patchouli

Base: Vanilla, benzoin, amber


Opoponax is a fragrance with an elixir of character. An intense aroma deeply sweetened by a light citrus background. Sandalwood, amber and vanilla are combined into a majestic blend to enrich this sensual scent.

Top: Orange peel, bergamot

Middle: Jasmin, grasshawthorn, sandalwood

Base: Myrrh, vanilla, benzoin, amber


Patchouli Précieux is a rich and powerful fragrance that has been softened by Les Nereides use of citrus, cedar and sandalwood with a touch of vanilla. A classic of the brand, this timeless fragrance with character takes you on a journey to the heart of the East.

Top: Sweet orange, green note

Middle: Bal gurjum, scots pine

Base: Cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musc


The Douceur de Vanille scent is soft and velvety. Les Nereides adds a subtle touch of white rose and Bourbon vanilla so fresh almond, cocoa and aniseed wake up this delicious fragrance.

Top: Star anise, white rose

Middle: Fresh almonds, coco

Base: Vanilla, benzoin, amber


Patchouli Antique offers a unique olfactory signature, both charming and elegant. This wooden oriental starts with notes of incense, giving it a bewitching and mystical aura. The heart reveals patchouli and Texas Cedar, for a powerful yet voluptuous character. With base notes of oak foam, amber, benzoin and vanilla, an oriental harmony signs the fragrance and gives it a modern twist. The scent’s wake is highly addictive, and irresistibly enticing.