Japanese Pond (Onde Sereine)

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Japanese Pond (Onde Sereine)

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Land of the Rising Sun with Les Néréides' Japanese Pond (Onde Sereine) collection. This collection takes you on a serene journey through the cultural richness of Japan, from the graceful koi carp swimming in peaceful ponds to the vibrant kingfishers landing on plum tree branches in full bloom.

The Serene Ripple sub-collection draws inspiration from the koi carp, known for bringing peace and serenity to Asian gardens. Symbolising strength, resilience, passionate love (Benigoi, the red carp) and prosperity (Yamabuki, the yellow carp), these pieces are a testament to overcoming life's challenges.

The Autumn Feathers sub-collection captures the beauty of kingfishers flying and diving in the colorful landscape, landing on plum tree branches adorned with garnet-colored crystals and faceted glass beads.

The Rising Sun sub-collection takes inspiration from the pastoral flower fields in the shade of the imposing Mount Fuji. Pieces in this collection showcase a Japanese maple tree framing faceted glass with the colors of dawn.

Each piece in the Japanese Pond (Onde Sereine) collection is finely crafted, featuring a gold-plated chain, and careful attention to enameling and stone assembly. The collection truly embodies the meticulous artistry and the exquisite aesthetics of Les Néréides. Discover the timeless beauty of Japan with our Japanese Pond (Onde Sereine) collection.