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Log Cabin Charm | ASCH4051 - Les Nereides

Log Cabin Charm | ASCH4051

The N2 by Les Néréides costume jewellery collection offers a cosy feel with its Canadian-inspired charms. Experience the allure of the Rockies with this gold log cabin charm. This charm...
Husky Charm | ASCH4031 - Les Nereides

Husky Charm | ASCH4031

The N2 by Les Néréides Charm collection presents an array of enchanting charm jewellery. Among these is the delightful husky charm, a perfect little companion. This charm accurately represents the...
Dreamcatcher Charm | ASCH4091 - Les Nereides

Dreamcatcher Charm | ASCH4091

The N2 by Les Néréides Charm collection proudly presents the dreamcatcher, a significant symbol of Canada's indigenous cultures. This elegant charm boasts a golden openwork circle, beautifully embellished with two...
Red Squirrel Charm | ASCH4011 - Les Nereides

Red Squirrel Charm | ASCH4011

The N2 charm collection invites you to discover the delightful red squirrel, a symbol of Canada. This little animal is depicted sitting up, ready to jump from tree to tree,...
Snowflake Charm | ASCH4071 - Les Nereides

Snowflake Charm | ASCH4071

Introducing the enchanting Snowflake charm from the N2 by Les Néréides collection, a line of costume jewellery inspired by the captivating winters of Canada. This exquisite charm captures the magic...
Maple Leaf Charm | ASCH4021 - Les Nereides

Maple Leaf Charm | ASCH4021

The N2 costume jewellery collection draws inspiration from the iconic Canadian symbol, the maple tree, to craft this exquisite maple leaf charm, enamelled in vibrant autumnal red hues. You have...
Ice Skate Charm | ASCH4061 - Les Nereides

Ice Skate Charm | ASCH4061

Experience the enchanting winter wonder of Canada with the ice skating charm from the Charms by N2 collection. This exquisite charm beckons you to a delightful afternoon of skating on...
Hot Chocolate Mug Charm | ASCH4041 - Les Nereides

Hot Chocolate Mug Charm | ASCH4041

Brace yourself for the Canadian winter cold with the N2 by Les Néréides charm collection's delightful hot chocolate mug charm. This charm, designed as a pink mug filled with melted...
Eagle Totem Charm | ASCH4101 - Les Nereides

Eagle Totem Charm | ASCH4101

The rich culture of the great North American lakes is beautifully encapsulated in the N2 by Les Néréides charm collection, inspired by the vibrant symbols of Canada. One of the...

Charms AW24

The latest additions to our Charms collection draw inspiration from Canada's rich cultural heritage and its stunning natural beauty. Each of our nine new charms is a tribute to an iconic symbol of Canada. From a spirited squirrel, a delicate snowflake, to a cosy log cabin, each charm evokes a distinct Canadian narrative. Whether it’s the sweet sensation of a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows or the thrill of a husky ride, our charms invite you to immerse yourself in the Canadian experience. The dream catcher and totem pole charms pay homage to the country's indigenous heritage, while the ice skate charm captures the nation's love for winter sports.